What Do You Eat?

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While this may sound simple, don’t be fooled. This is an excellent question. It might be the best question.

 It’s an excellent question if you’re considering giving animal free eating a try and don’t know where to start;
 it’s an excellent question if you’re having a person to dinner who you know doesn’t eat animal products;
 and it’s an excellent question to be asked if the person asking you is either curious, skeptical or both.

The reason this is such a good question is because knowing what animal free food looks like and tastes like is the first step to understanding that life without eating animals is possible – and it’s delicious. If you can’t picture it in your mind – if you can’t imagine what a plate of food would look like in front of you – then the idea of changing your diet is overwhelming. Of course it is.

But then you see pictures of delicious food and maybe a friend makes you their favourite recipe. You try out lot of animal free foods – macaroni and cheese, delicious stir fries and soups, shepherd’s pie and sausage rolls, herbed cheese spread, pizza, burgers, curries, quiches, smoothies, ice cream – the list goes on and on and on. Healthy whole foods, and naughty junk foods are all out there in animal free options.

And then you realise that all you need to do is shop for different ingredients and learn a few basic recipes. You ask for different things at Perth Indian restaurants, look for different ready-made food at grocery stores. And then you join the growing group of people who are lobbying for more and more of these options to be available in more and more places.

So the more often this question comes up, the more opportunity there is to spread the word, share some recipes and tips and show people how delicious and satisfying animal free food can be. Soon it won’t be a question anymore. It will be normal. It will just be food.