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EC-Plus are dedicated to making websites that work. We know that reaching the maximum number of people with your website can lead to an increased customer base that otherwise may have been unable to make use of your website. Our main goals when Manchester web design are:

Clear, Attractive Designs

Capturing the attention of your intended audience and making sure they receive your message are vital aspects to the success of your website. Furthermore the difference in made within the first minute of a visitor arriving to your site. The clear presentation of information and a well defined brand help make the pages of your website stand out.

Understanding the Target Audience

Taking the time to clarify the expectations of the target audience helps shape the end user experience. Tailoring the features of a website to meet these expectations helps give the user the confidence to make a purchasing decision or at least visit again.


By making the most of features which do not impede accessibility we are able to create fresh, creative designs which provide users with a rich experience without compromising on accessibility.


Strong visual cues and supportive text help ensure that visitors make the most of the features on your website. Supporting the user with contextual help adds to the experience and maintains confidence in the process they are going through.


Some internet users may have special requirements which mean they may not be able to use some website features. This may be a disability, impairment or simply a browser limitation. Providing alternatives for these users helps them to continue using your website with as richer user experience as possible.

Reliable Web Hosting

Once your website is designed and built it is important that it is always available to visitors. Finding a secure, robust hosting environment from which to serve your website is crucial. When commissioning a website through EC-Plus, we can host your site on our business standard web servers. These are housed in a data centre and monitored to ensure stability.

Our primary goal is to ensure the requirements of our clients are satisfied. The knowledge and experience provided by our dedicated developers give us the ability to create your website to the agreed specification and time frame.

Your new website could be anything from a simple brochure site to a comprehensive e-commerce site. We can also supply a content management system which makes it easy for you or a member of staff to add, edit or remove information or products.

If you have an existing website we offer a comprehensive analysis service which identifies areas of improvement and help form the basis of our plan of action.