Scrap Car Removal Service Now Available

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melbourne-car-wreckersWe offer an excellent scrap car removal service that you can count on, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our tow trucks and our tow truck drivers are ready to assist you in getting that piece of junk, scrap vehicle out of your garage, driveway, backyard or back alley; wherever your vehicle might be. If you live in Stony Plain, we can help as well. Our 21 foot deck tow truck has a winch equipped to handle vehicles without wheels, axles, vehicles with seized emergency brakes, blown engines or transmissions, essentially any vehicle that you might have which you want to get rid of. Our scrap car removal Auckland service is completely free to you, heck you can even call on holidays and will come by and remove that junk pile of a car from your site.

When choosing your scrap car removal service please be aware that are not all scrap service providers are the same. Car Wreckers Adelaide company has heard of many horror stories related to scrap car removal services gone bad in Spruce Grove as well as in Stony Plain, including situations where the homeowner had to shell out thousands of dollars to repair damages from careless tow truck operators using subpar equipment. With HS Car Removals you can rest assured that our tow truck drivers are true professionals who care about you and your property and you can also rest assured that when we leave your property he will be the same condition it was in when we arrived. Your fences won’t be knocked down, your grass won’t be torn up and your kids won’t be a little flatter. All you can expect is for your scrap car to be removed professionally and courteously.

You can have a scrap car, a scrap van, a scrap pickup truck, or just a big pile of scrap metal and we will be sure to take care of it for you. We will remove the scrap from your property and heck we might even throw some money your way for the value of the scrap you’re giving us. Call us today and have that scrap car removed today. Your yard or garage will thank you for it.