Recycle Ink Cartridges- Save The Environment

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Think green! Over 55 million used ink cartridges go into UK landfills every year according to the UK research association. The mountain of waste material that we are creating day by day can be reduced to a great extent through recycling and reuse.   It does mean that if every person in UK recycles toner cartridges they get paid an average of 50 Pennies. Recycle ink cartridges and make our environment clean and green.  Recycling of the commodities is very much necessary in order to avoid unnecessary wastes. On an average 16% of the money we pay to purchase any product is wasted on product packaging only. If we try to stop these packaging wastes then we are going to make our environment clean and green. Plastic should be recycled largely because every year plastic is killing over one million sea creatures. More than 375 million toner and ink cartridges are being thrown as a waste material in US every year.

Around seventy percent of all the ink cartridges and fifty percent of all the toner cartridges are not recycled till date. It takes around 500 to 1000 years for the decomposition of such cartridges. The recovery and ink cartridge recycling will save taxes since everyone has to pay for landfills through the waste management costs. You can refill your and can save your money from these cartridges. It reduces your carbon-foot print level. OEM cartridges are only recycled in most paying recycling programs. The cost of manufacturing of such cartridges can thus be saved and only ink needs to be refilled. This helps in making our environment green to a large extent. Ink cartridge recycling is therefore in demand because it helps to minimize wastage to a large amount. There is lot of cartridges companies those who have started recycling programs for empty ink cartridges and laser toners. Recycling of printer ink Adelaide cartridges makes a great sense because it helps to save our environment from unwanted waste materials. The cost involved in remanufacturing of the original cartridges comes around 50% of the original cartridges. Otherwise such cartridges are going to be decomposed into landfills only and will harm the nature.

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