Pool Fences

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swimPool fences are a great idea if you own an above ground pool, but if you own an inground pool, more likely than not, they are the law.

For above ground pool owners, a pool fence is a must if there is a deck leading to the pool.. An above ground pool fence must have a locking, childproof gate at every deck entrance.

Many owners of inflatable vinyl pools are required to install pool fences, too. Regulations vary by town, but vinyl pool fence requirements have been made more strict over the past couple of years. Vinyl pools, with easily collapsed sides, have been involved in several accidents when pools went unprotected by a swimming pool safety fence.

The most important and strictest regulations for fence swimming pool installation apply to inground pools. There are very few areas that do not require an inground pool to have a pool safety fence, and even if it is not a legal requirement, it is prudent to install a safe fence. Pool safety and swimming is prone to too many accidents from curious children and wandering visitors to leave a less obvious inground pool unenclosed.

Pool fences can be constructed from any of a number of fence materials. Very practical, economical versions are available that speak only to safety needs, but other, more decorative choices rule the pool fence market. Whatever the choice, you want to make sure the material is strong and durable – and that it meets local codes.

An example of aesthetically pleasing, strong pool fence is aluminum. Iron is even stronger, and offers unique designs from traditional to contemporary. Iron man pool fence is one of the industry’s leading iron pool fence installers. They know all there is to know about fence iron and pool fence combinations. Hiring a specialized pool fence installer is a good idea because they are well versed in what is not only the safest pool fence, but also what is legally required. With a pool fence and pool restorations Perth specialist guarantees that your costly fence investment will do all it legally needs to do are a given.

Other than aluminum and wrought iron pool fence, vinyl pool fence and wood are an option. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths in California, Florida, and Arizona.. Iron pool fence, or another unbeatably strong pool fence material like heavy duty vinyl or aluminum could greatly reduce these numbers.

There is a symmetry between legalities and prudence for private (and public) pool owners. Check all local pool fence codes, then consult a well reputed contractor who specializes in installing safe pool fences. Protect everyone in and around your pool.