Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips – Harsh Sunlight Part 2

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How Does A Diffuser Panel Complement Outdoor Portrait Photography?

You can make use of a diffuser panel to assist you at photographing your subjects under bright sunlight. The diffuser panel will be placed between the sun and your subject.

The diffuser bathes your subject in a very flattering sun. Utilizing the diffuser provides you a lot of differences to place your subject within a shaded area.

It is light’s nature to pass through a diffuser in a non-directional manner.  As it is with a shady area, light passes through a white material and becomes neutral. The light is now clean and has got a very high level of illumination.

Do You Have Limited Choices with Exposure Settings?

At times you may find yourself in a position where you have very little choice with exposure settings.

This normally happens in shady areas – the light is reflected and bounced off other surfaces. During these situations, colored surfaces bounce light and influence the light that falls on your subject.

Also, because the light has bounced off a surface, probably more than one surface, light produced will finally be less bright.

Hence, this results in the incapability of you to have more choices with exposure settings.

When this happens, there will not be any limitations in terms of location for you to conduct outdoor portrait photography. This means that you can shoot at a beach, garden, park, or anywhere else you can think of.

With the diffuser panel in hand, you get to control the level of intensity of light that falls onto your subject. The diffuser light is even. This enables you to photograph your subject from any direction you please.

Hence, you are free to make the choice to whether or not you want to place your subject against a backdrop.

Can I Conduct Outdoor portrait photography perth Without Using A Diffuser Panel?

Now, if you aren’t able to get your hands onto a diffuser, there is no need to fret – there are techniques to get around things and have your problem solved.

Try taking a shot of your subject with his or her back facing the sun. Search for a position where the sun will be indistinct. For instance, tree leaves or any other wide-brimmed object can be used as a very photogenic solution.

How About Utilizing A White Reflector?

Despite that, you can opt to use a white reflector. A white reflector bounces light onto your subject. It can also use the AE-Lock to read your subject’s face. Otherwise, you can add +1 to +2 stops or exposure compensation.

Where Can I Get A Diffuser Panel?

If you are keen to buy yourself a diffuser panel, I recommend that you get the  Elinchrom Diffuser Panel for Portalite. I use this brand of diffuser panel myself and am very satisfied with it.