Other Good Purpose of a Lawn Sprinkler Except to Water Plants

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classic-landscapingIf you think about the use of lawn sprinkler is only to watering plants in garden or park, then you are mistaken. A lawn sprinkler has other usages only if you know how to use it. So, what are some other things you can make with it?

Water Toys

You can make lots of toys to become more fun by only adding a lawn sprinkler. Surely, you need to play it outdoors, when it’s warm (since you’ll get quite wet) and not when there’s a drought alert in the area. The toys can make the water blast, wriggle, and move in random patterns. Play it with your friends, family or your pet. Then, just be ready to get wet and have fun.

Dog Toy

Not all dogs can swim and some dogs even have a real fear of water. Yet, on a really hot day during summer, Fido would love it if you turned on the lawn sprinkler. Not only will he be able to cool off, but dogs are often fascinated by the pattern of moving water. Sometimes it seems to hypnotize them. Always keep an eye on Fido when the lawn sprinkler is on, in case he thinks the water is trying to attack his territory.

Flame Thrower

Some people even can make a flame thrower by attaching a propane gas tank to a common lawn sprinkler. It is a very appealing thing, but is not very recommended for anyone who is not experienced with handling dangerous chemicals, explosives, or large sudden explosions, especially children.

Practical Jokes

Practice these practical jokes of lawn sprinkler outside before trying them inside. You require a sprinkler that can be hooked up to a regular kitchen spigot. Some sprinklers can be hooked to an outside spigot and then brought inside. Great to balcony plants Singapore inside a newlywed’s bedroom for their wedding night. Make a small cover with holes in it so it is not apparent what it is and turn it on once the lights go out.

Putting Out Very Small Fires

Even if a lawn sprinkler is not as good as chemical sprays, hoses or even a bucket of sand on a fire, it can be somewhat helpful anyhow. When your home and property are getting quite dry, you can keep the area damp and also keep from being a fire hazard by giving a good spritz with a lawn sprinkler. It is comforting everywhere.
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