Gumball Candy Machines For Sale – Why Choose These To Start With?

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Finding gumball candy machines for sale is one of the easiest ways of breaking into the vending machine business. Vending machines that sell bubble gum and candy are available from all vending machine suppliers and they come in different styles and designs. It is quite common to see gumball machines on the counter of a convenience store. This way the machine and the bubble gum are in plain sight of all customers. Chances are that every extra quarter will go into your candy machine. When you see gumball candy machines for sale at a good price, you should grab the chance to become your own boss.

The most common question that a gumball machine manufacturer gets asked is why the gumball candy machines are so popular in the sydney vending machines business. The answer to this question is that gumball candy machines for sale offer a great opportunity to generate a second income. You can start with only one machine and when you get back the money you spend in the investment, you can purchase more bubble gum vending machines. Since the bubble gum only costs about 3 cents each, you realize a profit of 22 cents on each bubble gum.

Buying gumball candy machines for sale means that you can buy yourself a part time job. You can work when you want – after work, on a weekend or only once a month depending on how many bubble gum vending machines you buy. You can buy both new and refurbished candy vending machines from a gumball machine manufacturer. Although you can lease bubble gum machines, even the combo varieties with three different kinds of bubble gum or candy are only about $300, so you won’t have a high initial investment.

If you decide that the candy vending business is not for you, you can trade in the gumball machines or offer gumball candy vending machines for sale. It is unlikely that you won’t succeed in this business because of the high rate of profits. It is impossible to say exactly how quickly you will sell all the bubble gum in one machine. However, both the gumball machine manufacturer and distributor will tell you that on a bag of 1000 bubble gum that costs $60, you would make a profit of 190.00. The business owner will take $100 of this in commission and if you have several machines that sell out in a month, this amounts to a fine chunk of change for very little work.

Gumball candy machines for sale don’t last very long once they are advertised. You can buy these bubble gum vending machines from an operator who is upgrading to new models or new from the gumball machine manufacturer. Either way you will have the chance to make money and eventually build up a business where you have employees working for you. Check out the stores in your area to see which ones would allow you to place your machines in their locations and then go looking for gumball candy machines for sale.