How Does It Feel To Be Financially Independent

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Financial Independence isn’t a luxury for only the well to do. It’s not just nice to have…if you can afford it. Financial Independence is critical in determining how you’re going to live the last 20-40 years of your life! It takes a lot of money to become Financially Independent. Luckily, you won’t have to save every dollar. In fact, when you put Time on your side, and make money work for you, your money could earn over 7 times what you’ll contribute during your working career!

Becoming Financially Independent doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s as big an undertaking as buying a house, so it’s not something you should put off. When you don’t have financial resources, you don’t have options. If you’re dependent on others for your livelihood you may not have the ability to choose some of the most basic aspects of living.

You may not be able to choose where you live, or under what conditions. You may be placed in a care facility that’s not up to your standards. Under those circumstances, you lose the choices of what and when you eat, what’s on the television, what people you associate with,  what kind of bed you sleep in, and even in some cases whether you can come and go as you please! Things may be better for you if a generous family member takes you in, but you’ll still be short of options.

Instead of this bleak picture, imagine how it might be if you’re no longer able to work but have the financial resources to afford to make the decisions you want. If you require medical or assisted living care, you may still be able to live in your own home and hire someone to take care of you. You’ll get to eat the food you like, associate (or not) with the people of your choice, watch what you want on television, and sleep in your bed. Having money is about being able to make the choices you want.

Quitting the Daily Grind

Those miserable scenarios aside, you’re probably like most people who can’t wait to leave your job for good. When you’re Financially Independent you’re able to quit working under someone else’s terms and begin living the life you want. There’s a reason why Financial Independence is also called financial freedom. Having enough money allows you the freedom to choose how you live your life.

New Career

Occasionally as we go through life the career that we’ve chosen gets stale. Maybe it’s the job, or maybe the people. But, sometimes we feel like the world’s passing us by. We see exciting opportunities in stimulating new fields. But, at some point in our careers, many people get locked in with golden handcuffs.

Golden handcuffs describe a situation where you get paid well for working in the job you have even though it’s lost its glamour. You can’t afford to quit what you’re doing and move to something more interesting because you lack the experience in that new field to command the pay you currently make and need. You’re locked into your current job.

Financial Independence unlocks the golden handcuffs. When you’re Financially Independent you can enter a thrilling new field without regard as to whether your pay will be enough to support your lifestyle. You’re no longer working for the pay, you’re working for job satisfaction.

Start a Business

Starting a business is an incredibly risky venture. More than 90% of new businesses shut their doors within the first year or two. But, if you’re one of the 10% who can make it Financial Independence allows you the freedom to build your business without worrying about how you’ll support your family in the meantime.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel and not worry about rushing home at the last-minute to get ready for work? Financial Independence not only supplies the financial wherewithal to travel but best of all it gives you the freedom. When you don’t have to worry about all the things waiting for you at work when you return, you can travel stress-free. If you’re enjoying your trip and want to extend a few days, you can without having to worry about what the boss will say.


I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of interests. I just never had the time to get into some of those things while I was working. Since declaring Financial Independence I’ve been able to pick up several hobbies that have interested me for a long time and a couple that I had never even thought about. I enjoy what I’m doing now, but I still have a bucket list of things I want to try and being Financially Independent will allow me to try them.

Donate and Volunteer

It’s a humbling experience to find yourself being Financially Independent. After working for so many years it’s hard to believe that you can live like you want without working at a job. Even though you did the work to reach that goal you’ll probably feel blessed when you get there.

Put that gratitude to work by helping others who are less fortunate. Volunteer your time. Donate used household items. Kindly give to those who will use what you’ve given to feed their families, provide a roof over their heads, and stay healthy. Your blessings will multiply when you share them with others.

Your volunteer efforts can be as simple as visiting elderly in a retirement home. But, they might be as grand as helping the Red Cross with disaster relief efforts or serving a mission in a foreign country. Since you no longer need to spend time at a job, Financial Independence will allow you to share that time helping others.