Employee Identification Cards and Badges Transforming Security and Work Style

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Employee identification badges have transformed the security and working ways of not only the corporate but all the domains of work and security. The corporate face many fake intrusions in their office premises that put the employees’ well-being at risk. Especially after the horrifying attacks of 9/11, indentifying the personnel’s identity has taken immense importance.

Employee badges are not only meant for corporate, in fact all domains of work possible, incorporate photo ID cards and badges Melbourne. From a janitor to the head manager or any highest position of associate in any business. The outsourced services are primarily bent towards incorporating these ID cards because, they have to travel to different cities and even states, enter myriad of houses and perform their job. These jobs referred here mostly include- cleaning services, relocation services, plumbing, gardening, nanny services, elder care services, car servicing, detailing and cleaning, and so on.

Employee badges come in variety of designs and formats. There are online software’s available to design them, so the work becomes easier for the business owner and only printing has to be outsourced.These IDs include state ID driver’s license, student ID, corporate employee ID, service ID and so on. These all may have varied formats also. Mostly, to keep it simple, IDs just have the picture of the person, name of company he/she is working for, and may be a short description of work undertaken or just the designation. For corporate purposes, these have two sides. One is the magnetic side used for punching in the time of arrival and departure from work, with encrypted data that belongs uniquely to that particular person only. This technology helps in identifying
who belongs to the organizational and who does not, and helps keep a tab on other activities related to work and performance. These are provided by the company itself. These may also carry other encrypted information, if required.

The above-mentioned badges fit most of the work places. The other type is the student IDs. These are provided by colleges and schools to the students and separate ones for the faculty. In US, may instances have taken place in the past that resulted in mass shooting and murder of young innocent lives. Personalised name badge help identify and give access only to those who posses genuine badges. Alternatively, the person be verified by the security and concerned visitor for accessing the campus.

These badges have become so popular that sometimes, the employees are offered flexibility to design them for their teams and have them customized. Yu may even be offered to shop around for the one that suits the best. Otherwise, request the Human Resource team for better options. There are options in the way they may be carried by the user. Strung around the neck, which may become a bit monotonous; and is not much liked by employees. It  makes them feel tied down. Other options are tagged to the belt line of the trousers or skirt, pocket of the shirt or top, or magnetic fixing in which one part is magnet the other is magnetic metal, both places on either sides of the cloth, and so on.

Some of the best companies even have the facility to make one-card access available to their employees travelling abroad to other branches of their organization. To make this employee ID badgesinteresting,it is good to add value add-ons such as extension number within office, calendar, canteen coupon code, and so on. This makes the employee value the badge and use it as much as possible. Otherwise, employees take it off out of boredom and non-usability. However, for fixed branches and research institutes, even biometric systems are doing well and picking up pace of growth.

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