Don’t Go Crazy With Your Craftsman Style Bathroom Renovation

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If you are lucky to live in a Craftsman style home, you need to know about the special flavor of your home.  You can change your home anyway you want, but you will also want to preserve the home’s classic style.  Yes, that has a certain amount of humor to it, but it is still an unwritten crime against future generations.  So, don’t get too crazy.  Your looking to improve, not necessarily change, the bathroom.

Making Improvement With The Least Amount Of Change

Think about the resale value of your house when you renovate, even if you have no plans to sell.  Using aspects of the original Craftsman designs in your villa renovations Auckland like all natural materials, wood, glass, or rock will help your home retain its value.

When you consider a Craftsman style bathroom renovation perth, you are going to have to mimic the original design as best you can.  Although you might not have the original blueprints or photos of how the original bathroom looked like (some Craftsman style homes were built as early as 1905), you can see photos of other Craftsman style bathroom renovations in books or on the web.  Contractors who have experience with Craftsman style bathroom renovations should also be able to give you a lot of good advice.

The Natural Look

Original Craftsman style homes, and later houses modeled on the style, are noted for their building materials – almost all of it is natural.  Natural materials, unfortunately, can be quite expensive.  However, there are synthetic or composite materials that look like natural materials like rock or wood.  Other benefits to these synthetic materials are their strength, longevity, and fire resistance.

Maintaining the style of your Craftsman bathroom is only second to having functioning plumbing!  The look is warm, comforting, and appealing to a lot of people.  So, even if you do use synthetic materials, as long as they look genuine, potential buyers should be happy.

Make sure you are happy with your plans and estimates before you start your Sydney renovations for bathroom.  According to your local tax laws, you may be entitled to a substantial refund or rebate from your Craftsman style bathroom renovation.