Central Air Conditioner Review

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A popular choice for staying cool

Probably in a hot summer, if a genie asks you for a wish, you will ask for a central air conditioner for your home or for your office. Especially with the heat waves we seem to be getting, a central air conditioner can cool you down and stop your misery from the heat.

Central air conditioners have been around for more than twenty years, however modern models are approximately thirty percent more efficient that their predecessors.

Even though air conditioning technologies steadily improved over that time, a system bought ten years ago although better than the original will perform far below modern efficiency standards.

What are Central Air Conditioners

In essence, an air conditioner will take the hot air from the inside of the room and the unit will cool the air by the use of refrigerant cooling fluids and then the hot air will be exhausted outside, with water as the waste byproduct.

In many instances, air conditioners will dehumidify the air and thus the humidity of the air will be removed as well. This will allow you to breathe easier, besides feeling cooler. (Humidity will amplify the heat and make breathing more labored) Most central systems are also heating systems so that you can keep cool in summer and warm in winter. It is the most effective cooling system but it is also the most expensive.

However, if upfront money is a problem there is the option of renting a central air conditioner (split system). However, the weekly rents are expensive and this option will not add long term value to your home.

The Choices of Central Air Conditioning

Although, window units were popular for decades, nowadays Central Air Conditioning systems are more popular and more widely used. Central Air Conditioners come in two different forms. The more versatile and easy to install form is the split air conditioner or the more sophisticated packaged air conditioning.

Split System Central Air Conditioners

The is the most popular type of central air conditioning. In this type of a central air conditioner, the unit is split into two parts: one part is on the outside for removing air, and the second part is in the inside for pumping cold air.

The outside unit on split air conditioners will have the compressors, and the coolant gas inside and they will also remove the wastewater to outside. These units are easy to install and they are usually preferred for smaller spaces with separate cooling needs.

Split system quality air conditioning can either cool a whole building or it can cool a specified section of it. It usually cools more than one room at a time. These air conditioners are the most popular choice for residential buildings because they can meet smaller residential needs.

Packaged Central Air Conditioners

However, if you need to cool down the whole house or the whole office at the same time, then you will need to use packaged central air conditioner units.

These units are much more bigger in scale compared to split air conditioners and they will cool all the rooms and spaces down to the same temperature throughout the house. In a packaged type central air conditioning unit, there is a big compressor part that is installed outside the house or in the roof.

It is a much more powerful compressor compared to the split model air conditioner. However, the main difference in this system is the fact that there are air ducts that are installed in the house to transport the cool air to different rooms and spaces in the house.

This means that the cool air will become distributed evenly throughout all the rooms. Perhaps the most difficult part in a central air conditioning system is the installation of these ducts. They will need to be installed in the ceiling or on the outside of the house encircling it to enter each room. You will find these units installed outside the home or mounted on a roof of an office building or apartment block.

However, they are most commonly used in buildings which require a high capacity air conditioning system with much greater cooling loads than residences generally require (palaces excepted).

Ducted Air Conditioning

Brisbane ducted air conditioning is used to cool whole buildings and it does it very effectively. It comprises a large outside unit and an internal unit that is usually placed in the ceiling.

The cool air is piped through ducts and than out through vents into the rooms. These vents are either in the floor or ceiling. However, ducted air conditioning can be very expensive depending on how many rooms you need to cool and how large a unit is necessary to do the job.

Always look after your Investment

As you can see from the information above, packaged type central air conditioners will need serious and periodic maintenance to keep it running. In addition, the first time installation will always be difficult; but usually these units are built to last a lifetime in the house. (Of course, taking them out to another house is completely out of the question)

Although, they may be expensive to install in the beginning, they will increase the value of the house and you can have cool days even in the middle of the summer.

You can enjoy peak performance from your central air conditioner for many years as long as you are prepared to maintain it. You will need to change or clean the air filter regularly.

If you neglect this important maintenance activity your air conditioner will not only operate below par, there is a risk of damage to the compressors which can cost a great deal of money to replace. The condenser and evaporator coils also need to be kept clean for the same reasons.

Benefits of Adding Heating

You can gain a double benefit when you install central air conditioning by choosing a model that also operates as a heater in cooler months. This means you do not have to pay for a heating system. The idea behind turning your air conditioner into a heater is simple. Heat pumps included in a central air conditioning unit have a reversing valve which reverses the refrigerant flow.

This means that the hot air which normally would be expelled outside, is now ducted into the home. These reverse cycle air conditioning units are generally very efficient and provide an effective option for both heating and cooling your home or office building.

Before investing the substantial amount of money required for central air conditioning service adelaide, have professionals from different suppliers come to the building to assess your needs and quote.

Once you have a number of alternate quotes and suggestions you will be able to get a feel for what you need. The internet makes checking on quality and reputation of manufacturers easy. If you do this you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an efficient air conditioning system for many years to come.