Bed Linens- Buying The Right Linen For Adorning Your Room

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You can easily maintain a neat and clean bedlinen and save time in sorting them out by clearly marking all the available bedlinens in your house. By means of organizing and labeling your bedlinen, you can ensure that your linen closet is well arranged so that everybody can find what they need without unnecessarily ruffling through everything in the closet and creating a mess. If you spend some time, folding the sheets you can end up saving a lot of time.


  1. Calculate the overall size of the bed sheets if there is no size mentioned in the label.
  2. Go through a list of standard bedding sizes to figure out the sheet size. Some of the standard measurements of the beds are as follows. These sizes come in inches. For example, Twin bed size is 40 x 75 inches; Double bed is 54 x 76 inches; Long Twin beds are 40 x 80 inches. Queen beds are like 65 x 80 inches, King Bed sizes are 80x 80 inches. California Bed King is 75x 84 inches and the Queen California size is 65x 84inches
  3. Mark the sheet size whether it is Twin or Queen, at the bottom, or close to the corner in the right hand side. This would help you to figure out the bottom side while you shift the bed. Make use of the dark colored marker on the sheets because the edge is mostly hidden. You can make use of a light color marker on light pillowcases to ensure that the marking is not visible throughout the fabric.
  4. Neatly Stock up sheets and fold them in a manner so that they occupy little space only
  5. Place a label on the shelves’ front edge signifying what size of sheets is stored in there. The size of the sheet mentioned beneath every sheet needs to be matched with the labels. This will ensure everybody finds easily the sheets without going through the hassle of ruffling through all the bed linen Australia.

Tips & Warnings

  • Labels tend to become paler, so it is ideal to mark sheets through a permanent color marker.
  • You need not mark the pillowcases if they match well with the sheets
  • In case of a navy blue, black sheet or similar darker sheets, place a white tape on them and label them with a dark colored marker.