Are you tired of paying too much for disappointing cosmetics?

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If you thought you had to spend tons of your hard-earned cash to look like a million, then think again!

How many times have you been dazzled by a celebrity-endorsed product, a clever marketing campaign or a wonderfully designed advert to buy the product described and then be utterly disappointed when the promises are not delivered?

Too many times.

Let me tell you a story: when I was at University, money was very tight, a burden shared by every student. I thought I would be saving money by buying good quality cosmetics and to someone as uninformed as I was, quality meant “expensive”. I realised how wrong I was when I discovered at the end of a party, or a presentation, that my mascara had flaked, or my eyeliner had smudged, or my eyeshadow had creased… I guess we all have been there. You try to flirt with this cute guy to then realize you looked like Alice Cooper all the way through the conversation.

And the nightmare went on well into my professional life: how would you feel if you had to deliver a demanding presentation to a high-profile client to then look in the mirror to find a panda staring back at you?

I really got fed up with paying more than £10 on mascara on average that I decided to do my own research: surely if “expensive” does not mean “quality” then I should be able to find cheaper alternatives to all these highly advertised branded cosmetics! Or at least find those that actually work, saving me all the wasted cash in trying them all…

Well, by trawling the net and looking for other female’s review and advice I have managed to save £150 on skincare and £100 on hair and makeup melbourne over one year! And this is only because some of the products I have found reviews for were working but simply not what I was looking for!

With all the products researched combined, the savings could reach up to £285 on skincare and £180 on wedding hairstyles for long hair!

Also I have made an incredible discovery during my research… I discovered that my skin was an organ of my body just as important as my heart, my brain, my liver, my lungs or my skeleton. In fact, scientists tell us some very interesting facts about the skin like…

  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body!
  • Your skin breathes as much as your lungs do. In fact, if your skin were to be blocked up with paint, you might suffocate!
  • Your skin is your first line of defense against disease and injury.
  • Your skin is your ONLY organ that is COMPLETELY exposed to the outside world.
  • Your skin is almost entirely “self recuperative”. That means that your skin is DESIGNED to be damaged and it just naturally recovers, many times when you are not even aware that there was a problem!

Ok, well that tells how the skin is important to you from a scientific point of view, but what about the more practical aspects? Your skin is by far the most important organ TO YOU because…

  • It is the first thing people notice about you. Along with your eyes and your hair, your skin is what makes an impression on others, good or bad.
  • Your skin has the power to make you “sexy” if it is smooth, well toned, soft and healthy.
  • When your facial skin is brimming with life, it virtually shines, it can catch the eye of a lover, make an impression when you speak to a group or land you that big job you want.

Have you ever had an unsightly blemish, a growth or a sore on your skin and you just didn’t know what to do about it?

Sure, we all have had that happen. Especially if that blemish is in a visible place, that awful pimple in your otherwise perfect skin can become the first and the only thing that everybody notices about you!