Aiphone Intercom – The UtmostA Supreme Security Element

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Intercoms have become a necessity with growing security concerns. Be it any place safety of life and property is the prime motive of every individual. The use of Aiphone intercom systems have relieved people from their stress related to the well being of their family and business. From simple do-it yourself door answering units to highly sophisticated video entry security systems to complex microprocessor based commercial systems to apartment security and communication systems this device has set to rule the industry when it comes to surveillance.


Designed with simplicity these devices are highly reliable in their performance and are fitted with finest quality hardware and circuitry. Widely used for commercial, educational, government, health care and residential purposes this device provides clear handsfree communications along with providing color images of the visitors which makes it convenient in identifying them. The intercom systems designed by Aiphone varies depending on building types and the security requirements.

This intercom system allows you to view whoever is approaching while you’re in another part of the house. The system camera has zoom, pan and tilt control features with a picture memory that can easily connect to another sub monitor. These systems can even be installed in your driveways as some of them are fitted with sensors which make use of infrared technology to detect the slightest motion or changes in temperatures. This intercom system enables the open voice communication, pre recorded entry messages and convenient door release function. In addition to having attractive designs these systems offer clear communication and security..


These systems are no doubt the best but before buying any such system you need to take into consideration the level of security required and the proper installation place for the same. If you’re still concerned about the security of your property and loved ones then just install Aiphone intercom systems and be assured for the rest of your life.

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