A Very Reliable Brand for Floors

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floorsandingWhat’s impressive about all the Armstrong vinyl flooring ranges is that they are very durable and resist wear and tear remarkably well.

They are ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms not only because they are water resistant but also because they are easy to install. Just about anyone can do the work for themselves. For many people who are carrying out any kind of remodeling works to their home and are looking to lay new flooring, being able to purchase something that not only looks good and easy to install but is reasonably priced as well is a must in today’s budget-conscious world.

Styles and Patterns

Also what you will soon discover about Armstrong vinyl flooring is that it comes in a wide range of styles, designs, colors and looks. If you are looking for something that is pretty natural then why not consider using either their slate, limestone or marble effects. If you want something that adds a bit of zing to a room (especially say in a child’s play room) you could go for one of their bold geometrical designs instead.

When it comes to choosing a vinyl flooring for a room in the home, the only thing that limits a person is their own imagination.

Whether you are considering purchasing vinyl tiles, sheets or planks from best tiling companies London, they are all pretty much constructed using the same method. Vinyl flooring is a composite layered structure consisting of a protective wear layer, a protective clear film layer and a vinyl backing.

With the right quality products to produce their flooring, Armstrong’s floors generally are expected to have a lifespan of between 5 and 20 years. Of course this will also depend upon the quality of the products used during the manufacturing process and just how well the flooring is cared for once it has been installed.


When it comes to caring and maintaining your Armstrong vinyl flooring, there are just a few simple rules that you should follow. You should regularly sweep it and then mop with a cleaning fluid that is recommended by the manufacturer because other brands may cause the surface to lose its shine..

It is best if you study and follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to the care and maintenance of your wood floor sanding as this will ensure that it stays in the best condition for as long as possible. Also remember never to use wax as this will remove the tile’s wear layer.