5 Steps To Build Your Personal Concrete Shed

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Having a concrete shed is always going to be of great use for multiple reasons. For people who have a garden in front of their house, such storage spaces can effectively be utilized to house the garden equipments and accessories. Similarly, they can also be used to protect the garden furniture during harsh weather. Apart from this, if the space is bigger, it can serve as a shelter for the automobiles. If you are planning to install a exposed concrete shed in your house, take a glance at some of the tips for erecting such a construction.

Foundation– It is pretty obvious that this is by default the most important part of the construction process. Try to find a location having a good drainage for constructions. Good drainage will ensure that water drains away from the foundation thereby not causing any damage to the structure. Concrete being hard and durable is going to last very long and serve as a safe storage space. Gravel or Granite can both serve as good bases, but if the space is to used for concrete floor finishes,  housing automobiles, gravel with a better durability is definitely a better option.

Erecting The Walls– A strong wall frame is to be formed with a wall band both on top and bottom and studs between every wall band. Once the frame has been formed, nail the frame to the foundation.

Roof Frame– This is the toughest part of the construction and need to be done with accuracy and precision. Cut the rafter angles delicately to create a good slope that will help to drain off water from the surface.

Roof Decking Fremantle And Siding– There are many types of sidings up there but Hardiboard, technically known as T-11 is said to be the best cost effective option.

Installing Doors/ Windows And Finishing- Depending on your choice, install doors and windows to cover the storage space. If you are going to store valuables in the space, it is wise to go for double door which will enhance the safety and security of the structure. Finally, install shingles and paint both the exterior as well as the interiors to complete the process.